People have experienced psychological symptoms from an overactive sex drive, guilt, shame, depression, exhaustion etc. Our body’s however are made up of chemicals that determine how we feel and even think. If they are out of tune and producing an excess of sex hormones we can end up a victim to our own chemical make-up.

Millions of individuals live with excessive sexual urges; sometimes referred to as sexual compulsivity, and feel their obsessions can get out of control at times. Distracting sexual thoughts may make it difficult to have satisfying relationships, live a normal productive life, focus on other topics and can create embarrassing social situations. People with excessive sexual urges get caught up in sexual fantasy and may have difficulty focusing on anything else. It can cause psychological as well as physiological problems in a person’s life.

Sex is celebrated in today’s culture. Modern society offers solutions for people with declining sex drives or those having difficulty getting erections but neglects the millions of people with more sex drive than they prefer. What is available for people with a sex drive so strong at times it can be distracting?

Perhaps your relationships are stressed because you and your partner have different levels of interest in sex. Perhaps you are practicing a celibate lifestyle for personal or religious reasons. Perhaps your sexual desires are impacting other areas of your life. Perhaps you would be interested in suppressing distracting sexual urges that take away from your ability to focus. Perhaps you have a date or a social situation where you are concerned your sex drive could cause embarrassment. Try Libidno and have the confidence and tranquility you desire.

Libidno is comprised of specially blended herbs found in Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. These herbs have been used medicinally for centuries by herbalists to bring a sense of well-being and reduce sexual urges. Libidno is engineered to promote sexual well-being and manufactured using a unique process to maximize potency. Take control. Manage your life naturally. We guarantee it.


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Libidno is the all natural way to cure an excessive sex drive and balance out the body's nervous and hormonal systems

Libidno has discontinued their product but if you would like to try another product that has had extensive research put into its formula come back soon


Libidno Assists Suppressing Sexual Urges and lowering libido for those who can’t control it through will-power alone.

Libidno is the first herbal all-natural anaphrodisiac that assists individuals to temporarily suppress distracting sexual urges. Libidno supports the body’s natural ability to help provide an anaphrodisiac effect reducing the sexual urge while adding emotional tranquility by inhibiting enzymes that catalyze the conversion of androstenedione. It can lower your libido if it is too gh and balance out your hormonal system.